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About Memorial & Cremation Jewellery

About Cremation Jewellery

  • What is Cremation Jewellery or Memorial Jewellery?

Memorial Jewellery, also known as Cremation Jewellery, is pendants, necklaces and bracelets which have been designed as a miniature cremation urns to safely and discreetly hold keepsakes such as ashes, hair or other precious items inside. They are an affordable alternative to memorial diamonds and diamonds or gems made from ashes.

These special cremation jewellery urns can offer a very personal sense of comfort. Whether you choose a traditional burial, a cremation urn or a scattering of your loved one's ashes, you can keep a remembrance of them with you everyday.
Having a pendant urn which holds a memorial of your loved one is a beautiful and precious gift to give yourself or someone who has recently experienced loss. The high quality of each piece ensures that it can be passed onto future generations as a very special family heirloom.

Cremation Jewellery can be used to hold memorials such as a lock of hair, fur, soil from a funeral burial site or some dried petals from the funeral flowers and can be worn or stored in an elegant jewellery display in your home. As general keepsakes they can be used to hold some hair from your baby's first haircut, soil from a special place or, in the case of the cylinder pendants, a small note or prayer. Our range includes designs especially created for the loss of a baby or child, infant loss or miscarriage.

  • How Much Ashes, Hair or other Keepsakes Will My Cremation Jewellery Hold?
All of our pendants and bracelets have an entirely fillable interior. A generous amount of precious metal has been used to create each piece resulting in a solidly constructed hollow pendant. Generally they will hold from 1/8 to 1/2 of a teaspoon of cremation ashes. Please note that some of our Stainless Steel designs can only hold a pinch of ashes behind the opening. Please see individual product descriptions for information on each product.

  • Are All The Cremation Pendants Suitable for Engraving?
Yes, as long as there is enough surface area to place the engraving the memorial pendants are suitable for engraving. All of our precious metals are described on the website so please give this information to your engraver prior to organising engraving.

  • What personalisation options are available for engraving or holding photos or other mementos in the jewellery?
Many of our memorial jewellery designs can be engraved with a name, short message and/or date(s). Please speak to your local engraver about engraving options available for your jewellery.

  • I am organising a funeral through a funeral home and they have the ashes. Will they fill my cremation jewellery urn for me?
We have always found that Funeral Homes and Funeral Directors are happy to fill the jewellery urns for you and we recommend that you contact them directly to discuss this.

  • Is Cremation Jewellery Suitable for Holding My Pet's Ashes or Fur?
Yes. All of the cremation jewellery urns on our website are suitable as pet memorials. Our selection of jewellery urns are the perfect way to keep the memory of your beloved pet close to you. Each pendant is a small pet urn designed to hold a small amount of your pet's ashes or some of their fur. We also supply Double Chamber pendants which can hold both fur and ashes in two separate chambers. The Photo Memorial Jewellery also gives you the option of having your pet's photo or paw print engraved on the front.

  • What If I Am After Something in Particular Which I Don't See on Your Site?
Keepsake Jewellery Australia offers the largest selection of bereavement and remembrance jewellery available to give you the greatest choice possible. If you are after something that you don't see on our site please contact us and we will do our very best to help you.

  • How Do I Fill My Memorial Jewelry?
Every memorial necklace or bracelet is supplied with Filling and Care Instructions and Accessories to allow you to feel confident when carrying out this important task. You can also take your jewellery to your local funeral home for filling which we have always found they will happily do for you. They will have everything they need to do this supplied with your order.

  • How Do I Care For My Jewellery Urn?
We recommend that you care for your jewellery urn as you would any piece of fine jewellery. We strongly suggest that you follow the Care Instructions supplied with your order. You can also view these care instructions under our Information and FAQ section of this site.

  • What If I Lose My Cremation Jewellery?
It is very important that, if you are scattering the majority of your loved one's cremation ashes, you keep a small amount of in a safe place in case your memorial jewellery urn is ever lost or stolen. We suggest using a standard keepsake cremation urn or keepsake box to hold some ashes in case this ever happens.

  • What is Gold Vermeil?
Gold Vermeil is a heavy layer of 14k Gold over solid Sterling Silver. It is a very durable form of gold plating and is so well crafted that it can be safely engraved. It is a very durable form of gold plating but if you are wanted to wear your jewellery for a long time we recommend a solid Silver or Gold piece - these will last a lifetime and can be passed down as family heirlooms.

If you have any questions about memorial jewellery which you don't see answered here we would be very happy to address them for you. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Cremation and Memorial Jewellery FILLING

Cremation and Memorial Jewellery Filling Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is understandable that some people don't feel comfortable filling their cremation jewellery themselves. If you feel at all uncomfortable about this process you may like to know that many of our customer have taken their jewellery to their local funeral home for filling. Everything the funeral director will need (funnel, instructions etc) is supplied with your order. We recommend that you phone your local funeral director ahead to discuss this option with them should you wish to have it filled this way.

We recommend that you read these instructions in full before commencing.

Pendants with a screw opening require extra care when opening and closing to ensure the screwdriver does not slip and scratch the surface.

• Remove pendant from chain and unscrew the opening either by hand (for screw top bail), or with the small screwdriver provided (for screw openings). If you have a screw top bail which is tightly shut use a toothpick (or opened paperclip etc) through the top fixed ‘loop’ as a lever to open it. Simply feed it through the fixed loop, grasp at the middle (close to the pendant) and gently twist.

• Place the end of the funnel provided into the opening. Carefully spoon a small amount of only the finest ashes into the funnel. You may need to stir the ashes around in the funnel with a toothpick to allow them to go through. The pendant should only be filled to about 90% of capacity. (If the opening of your pendant is particularly small, it can sometimes be easier to use a folded piece of paper to ‘slide’ the ashes into the pendant. Simply fold a piece of paper and open it up again. Place some of the finest ashes along the crease of the paper and point the outside edge of the crease into the opening. When tilted the ashes will slide along the crease and into the pendant.)

• After filling, clean the opening with a cotton-bud or toothpick. At this stage if you replace the screw, or twist the top bail back on, your pendant will be safely secured and WATER RESISTANT, however you may wish to permanently seal/waterproof your pendant. No memorial jewellery is entirely waterproof without this step.


If you wish to have your pendant withstand short periods of contact with water you can use an adhesive to seal the opening. All memorial jewellery requires this step to then be water tight. (Note: Gold Vermeil jewellery should be kept as dry as possible and never immersed in liquids of any kind).

To waterproof the pendant we recommend using a small amount of clear two part metal adhesive. Most hardware stores will have this. It is best to use an adhesive which takes a few minutes to set as you may need to adjust the alignment. (We do not recommend using superglue as it dries too quickly.) Please ensure that the threads are as clean as possible to ensure good adhesion. Using a toothpick or similar, apply a very small amount to either the threads or the inside of the threaded opening and carefully screw shut. Be sure that none of the adhesive spills on to the pendant - if it does you can try to remove it by quickly wiping it with a soft lint-free cloth.

Allow at least 24 hours for your pendant to completely set. NOTE: Even when sealed your pendant should never be fully immersed in water for long periods of time. To ensure a 100% waterproof seal speak to a jeweller about soldering your pendant shut.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to keep some ashes in case your pendant is ever lost or stolen.



Here is some common questions we are asked about our jewellery and online store. Please always feel free to contact us should you require any further information which isn't answered here. We will get back to you quickly.



Delivery of your order depends on which shipping method you select during checkout. Within Australia you can select Express Shipping (2-7 days) or Parcel Post (7-14 days).

Please note that delivery times are not a guarantee of delivery, they are a guide only and actual delivery time may vary due to unforeseen or unavoidable dispatch delays, delivery policies of Australia Post etc.


We process a large number of orders which means that sometimes some of our jewellery collection may be out of stock. If you see an item that is out of stock please add your name to the waitlist. You will see the waitlist link on the product details page (link is just below the "Add To Cart" button). As soon as the jewellery piece is back in stock you will receive an email to let you know.


Yes, we offer our entire Memorial Jewellery collection to Funeral Homes and Jewellers within Australia. The Keepsake Jewellery Australia collection of 'fillable' jewellery can be purchased at wholesale pricing for your families and customers. Please click here to see more: WHOLESALE CREMATION JEWELLERY



Memorial Jewellery is supplied with everything you need for filling including detailed instructions and accessories. This allows you to fill the jewellery yourself or have someone to do it for you.


We have always found that funeral homes are only too happy to fill our customers jewellery so we encourage you to call your local funeral home if you want them to fill it for you. They may charge a filling fee and you may need to make an appointment to have it done.


We are more than happy to fill memorial jewellery for our families however we advise that this isn't the ideal way to go. Ashes shouldn't be sent through the mail, unless you are entirely prepared for the very small chance that they can go astray. Even by the most secure methods of posting, registered mail etc, items can get lost in the postal system.


How Do I Care For My Keepsake or Memorial Jewellery?

All orders are supplied with a comprehensive set of instructions on how to care for your jewellery. A jewellery cloth is included with every order and the steps you can take to maintain your piece are described simply and clearly.

ABOUT OUR JEWELLERY - Precious Metals Information

What Is Your Jewellery Made From?

All of our jewellery is crafted from high quality precious metals. We do not make any Silver Plated jewellery or 'Base Metal' jewellery. Our jewellery is made from solid 925 Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, 9ct Gold, 316l Stainless Steel, Titanium, Brass, Bronze and Pewter.

What is Gold Vermeil?
Gold Vermeil jewellery is made from solid 925 Sterling Silver overlaid with 14k Gold. Gold Vermeil jewellery has the look and feel of solid gold at a fraction of the price. The overlay of Gold requires special care to preserve the finish, however it is more durable than regular gold plating.

Does Keepsake Jewellery's Collection Contain Nickel?
NO. All of our jewellery is nickel free. The use of nickel has gradually declined in quality fine jewellery over the past decade or so due to possible adverse health effects, and therefore we do not sell or recommend wearing any jewellery which contains Nickel.

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