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Memorial Jewellery, Cremation Jewellery and Keepsake Jewellery for Life's Precious Memories

Engraving Notice

Please note that all of our MEMORIAL JEWELLERY collection is available to purchase - we're just not able to offer engraving at this time. (Prices shown are for the jewellery piece without any engraving). Thank you.

Memorial Jewellery

MEMORIAL JEWELLERY: cremation jewellery for ashes, a lock of hair or sand from a special place - including memorial necklaces, pendants, bracelets and charms.

FOOTPRINTS & PHOTO MEMORIAL JEWELLERY: memorial jewellery engraved with a photo of your loved one (or any image you'd like - eg a signature, a drawing, a photo of a scene, etc).

PHOTO, KEEPSAKE & MEMORIAL LOCKETS: for holding photos or special keepsakes inside.

* Footprints, handprints, fingerprints, logos, symbols, signatures, handwriting samples, children's drawings or any image you'd like engraved onto necklaces, charms, pendants, bracelets, keyrings and more.
* Names, dates and messages of love on many different designs of jewellery and keyrings.

Memorial Jewellery

Memorial Jewellery necklaces and bracelets are handcrafted specifically to hold cremation ashes or hair safely and securely inside. All of our memorial necklaces, pendants, charms and bracelets are able to be filled with ashes, hair or burial soil and are secured by a tiny discreet screw or by a screw top bail. Each cremation jewellery piece is designed to the highest quality standards. These very unique jewellery urns will hold your loved one's memory close to your heart.

You can also have a photo of your loved one or a child's footprints engraved on the front of some of our memorial jewellery designs. For details please see our footprints and photo engraved memorial jewellery section.

We have Baby, Infant & Child Loss Memorial Jewellery especially for remembering a young life. They each can hold some cremation ashes or a lock of hair inside. Many of the baby, infant and child memorial jewellery designs can also be custom engraved with your child's photo, footprints or handprints.

If you would prefer a bracelet we have a beautiful selection of Memorial Bracelets, Charms and Cremation Beads.


We offer a wide range of Photo, Keepsake & Memorial Lockets. These lockets have been made to hold photos inside but many are suitable for also holding hair, cremation ashes, a scaled down copy of footprints, handprints, a note or prayer to make very personalised keepsakes.